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Kouklia is a community with a long history and rich natural beauty. This beautiful village is located just 16 kilometres from the city of Pafos and is built on the ruins of the ancient kingdom of ‘Palaepafos’. It is a community which will impress you with its multiple sights and unique beauty.

  • Where to stay


    • Ιntercontinental Hotel Aphrodite Hills

    Tourist Villas

    • Aeora Aphrodite Hills
    • Artemia Aphrodite Hills
    • Athena Aphrodite Hills
    • Mythos Aphrodite Hills
  • Where to eat


    • Αnoi Restaurant
    • Αsian Corner
    • Secret Valley Golf Club Restaurant
    • The secret garden
    • Diarizos


    • L’ atelier brasserie
    • Leda Tavern
    • Aspris
    • Efrem
    • Petra Tou Romiou
    • Pithari
    • Stou Thanasi


    • Zymi – Pizza – Pasta
  • Do not forget

    To visit the well-known ‘Petra tou Romiou’, where, according to an ancient legend, the goddess of love and beauty, goddess Aphrodite, came to surface. Moreover, do not fail to visit the temple of Aphrodite, northwest of which one can find ‘Leda and the Swan’, a sample of unique beauty mosaic art. You can also visit the Medieval Mansion where the Museum of Kouklia is housed and which presents findings of various eras. Remember that these are only some of the great sights you will meet in Kouklia since the entire community constitutes a ‘museum of archaeological findings’.

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